The Plan

Scientific findings from a variety of disciplines have laid an intellectual and spiritual foundation that makes such a major project conceivable, and therefore also feasible. We humans can turn Earth into a paradise in a relatively short time – into a planet where there is no more fear and violence. We know how unbelievable this sounds. And yet it is realistic. We say this without closing our eyes to what is happening on Earth in this very moment: to the wars and the propaganda that makes them possible; to the over-exploitation and depletion of nature and the Earth’s resources; to the fate of the those having to flee from their homes and those who are drowning. We can achieve the goal of a non-violent Earth if we really want to, and if we commit all our strength to it. That is the plan.  

The Vision

Every good plan is preceded by a strong vision. We need such a vision to avoid falling into hopelessness due to the current horror of war and devastation.

A vision is not a pipe-dream

… but a realistic perspective. It exists objectively, albeit latently, in what David Bohm refers to as the “implicit order”, or in the “Akashic Record” as described by Rudolf Steiner, on the “inside” in the words or Teilhard de Chardin, or in the language of Dieter Duhm within the “Sacred Matrix”. The more clearly we see it, the faster it can manifest. Can we imagine an Earth on which there is no more violence and fear? Or looking on a smaller scale, can we imagine a city, a village, a community free of violence, mistrust, revenge, jealousy, fear? Can we imagine trust? Do we know why a society based on trust is stronger than one based on war and why it will finally prevail?

The plan is to see the vision of a nonviolent future and then to implement it in a concrete model in a number of places around the world. Understanding why such models can have a global impact requires knowledge; a comprehensive view (theory) of humankind, the world, and what we call “reality”.

The Theory

The plan is not a handy recipe but is based on what we can call the logic of the living. We learn to understand it and to build our plans according to it if we focus our attention not on the details but on the whole. The whole becomes visible when we assemble the fragments of our world into a unified and contradiction-free image; a theory. Within this theory a number of fields, from modern science, Eros, art, religion, to intuitive and indigenous knowledge, are brought into congruence. The thought lines within this theory include: • Healing of humankind • The unity of life and all that exists • Information as the primary substance of matter • The power of an idea whose time has come • Life as the great ally

The Soul

A vision becomes effective when it can also be anchored in the heart. Therefore we would like to invite you to take a break and listen to the song “Moon Rider”, based on words of Eugene A. Cernan (USA), Commander of Apollo 17, one of the people who landed on the moon. The song is performed by Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis, physicist and co-founder of the future community Tamera in Portugal.

Moon Rider - Lyrics

Moon Rider Eugene A. Cernan (USA) Commander of Apollo 17, one of the people who landed on the moon. The painter tries to paint it The poet tries to say it The philosopher tries to convey the meaning to your mind. But here I am – a quarter million miles away One human being – one human seeing it for the first time. I can see the white of snow-capped mountains The blues and turquoise of the oceans blend. Australia and Asia coming round the corner And I can’t tell where one country starts and the other one ends. The sun is setting on the Pacific They are just getting up in Rome. I don’t see the lights of my city All I can see is home. I saw the world without any borders Without any fighting without any fear So Captain give the order We’re going to cross the next frontier. I know this view won’t last forever Soon I’ll be back to reality. But isn’t it the way we perceive things That makes them what they will be? I saw the world without any borders Without any fighting without any fear So Captain give the order We’re going to cross the next frontier

The  Way

How can we make the vision manifest worldwide, realise the goal? We humans can only achieve the goal in resonance with a global process; in cooperation with “universal forces”. This is less mysterious than it sounds. We can imagine the process as if we wanted a tower to vibrate. When we hit the tower’s natural frequency, it picks up our initial vibration and amplifies it in a way that we can no longer influence or stop. We can initiate universal forces in a similar way because they are as real as a tower.

The plan must come into public discussion

Firstly, the plan, the vision of a free Earth and a free human being, must come into public discussion, that is, into global consciousness.

Building models for the new system

Secondly, only a system is capable of overcoming another system. To do this, it must be seen with the “inner eye” and then manifested with the necessary complexity in a number of places on Earth. Information and energies that collide and lead to violence and chaos are here lifted to that higher level, in which they are compatible with each other. In this way, new convergence points for life are created. These places act like switches or acupuncture points in the whole organism of humanity and Earth.

Creation of a "coherent group of people"

Thirdly, the new system requires the creation of a “coherent group”. This is a group of people that we can consider to be the next stage in the evolution of life on Earth. It is comparable to the process that formed atoms into molecules, or single-cell organisms into multicellular organisms in the origins of biological life. Within a coherent group, collective trauma is dissolved and basic trust between people is restored; particularly the basic trust between the sexes. This requires a sensitive and deep understanding in the areas of love, religion, partnership, and sexuality. This is where the deepest of humankind’s wounds are found today; they must heal if trust is to be created. With this healing, the cycle of victim and perpetrator, that has lasted for thousands of years, is interrupted. A modern tribal community is formed which can no longer be divided, it’s members not set against each other from the outside. It learns to solve conflicts without violence. As the first groups of this kind create the new system, the development spreads as all evolutionary developments spread and ultimately prevail: with the power of an idea whose time has come.

The global process thus begins and can no longer be stopped. We need no guns, no missionaries, no majorities. All we need is our absolute will to build this new system of trust at some centres around the world, or to support their manifestation from our respective locations with all our energy, means, and abilities.

The Originators

The vision of a nonviolent Earth is not the idea of a single human being, but a goal that is inherent in Creation. This goal shines in many places on Earth today. Time and again, there have been people who have dedicated their lives to this goal. In our context, the work of Dieter Duhm is particularly noteworthy. He has explored the image of a nonviolent future so deeply that a concept for its global realisation could develop. His “Political Theory” stands on the shoulders of pre-Socratics and early socialists, scientists and inventors, from Karl Marx and Wilhelm Reich, to Peace Pilgrim, the “Mother” of Auroville, and many others.Together, their works form the foundation of the plan.

The Book

In July 2021 we published the book titled “Die globale Befreiung von Angst und Gewalt. Ein Heilungsplan für die Erde” (Global Liberation From Fear and Violence. A Concrete Plan to Heal Our World). It gives a deeper insight into all aspects of the plan.

Here is a summary of it » (pdf 430 KB)